5 Amazing Perks of Undergoing Fluoride Treatment

5 Amazing Perks of Undergoing Fluoride Treatment

Jun 01, 2021

From the moment they pop out, your pearly whites are subjected to an immense amount of erosion from food and bacteria. Even though they are protected by the sturdiest substance in your body, enamel, they need some extra boost for them to stay intact.

Hence the reason why our dentist offers fluoride treatment to help your teeth get the boost they need. Most people have associated this treatment with children. However, fluoride is important for teeth, be it a child’s or an adult’s early pearly whites.

You cannot pass the chance of using fluoride treatment since it has unique perks that you should know about. Here are some of the top benefits:

1. Redeposits Minerals in Your Teeth

Your teeth undergo a lot in a day. As you consume acidic foods or bacteria release acids to digest food debris, the acid does more damage than you think. They don’t just erode the enamel; acids also break down the tooth structure by destroying the minerals that constitute your teeth.

Minerals such as phosphorous and calcium are essential for the growth and health of your teeth. Therefore, these acids weaken the teeth, and the loss of these minerals has dire consequences.

When fluoride is applied to your teeth is reverses the damage caused by the acids by aiding the reabsorption of those minerals back in your teeth. The process is known as remineralization. Remineralization is essential for the health and strength of your teeth.

Even when you have cavities, we have SDF cavity treatment that can be used to retard the progression of cavities. SDF is an acronym that stands for silver diamine fluoride that is used to stop dental decay.

Silver has antibacterial properties, and it has low levels of toxicity, which means that it cannot harm you. The fluoride will aid the remineralization of the lost minerals and increases the enamel’s resistance to the degrading effect of acids.

2. Protects Your Enamel

One of the widely known benefits of using fluoride is that it can protect the enamel. As mentioned earlier, acids are bad for your teeth. When your enamel becomes weak, problems start popping up from everywhere. Drinking hot or cold liquids becomes an issue.

You should be careful not to drink liquids with high acidic content, such as lemon juice, tomato juice, apple juice, and orange juice.

However, when your brush your teeth with a fluoridated toothpaste, your teeth become more robust, and these acids will not erode your teeth.

Also, fluoride varnish, when applied by our dentist, can work wonders for your teeth. If you need fluoride for teeth whitening, fluoride varnish can help protect your teeth and whiten them.

3. Helps Prevent Tooth Caries

We all have bacteria in our mouths, helpful and harmful. When you consume sugars or starches, you are providing food for the bacteria. They will swarm the area with food debris and produce digestive acids, which break down the enamel. The process has adverse effects since this is how cavities are formed.

Whenever you brush your teeth using fluoride toothpaste, or you receive treatment at our office, your teeth become fortified, preventing the occurrence of tooth decay.

4. It’s a Natural Preventative

As you know, fluoride is a naturally occurring mineral. Therefore, it is a natural preventative. In fact, the government decided to add fluoride to tap water decades ago. But these levels are low, so we can recommend the safe level that can prevent tooth decay.

It is always good to err on the side of caution. So, there’s no better way to do it than to use fluoride to protect your teeth. Since it is a naturally occurring mineral, it’s safe, especially when you use the recommended doses.

5. It Saves You Money in the Long-Run

Most dental procedures are not cheap. However, it costs less when you come in for preventive treatment than restorative treatment. So, the little things you do, such as getting regular professional cleanings and getting fluoride applied to your teeth, can save you a lot of money.

If you are to lose your teeth because of tooth decay, you will spend more getting a top-notch replacement option.

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