5 reasons to brighten that smile

Who doesn’t want whiter teeth?!

Here are the top reasons why you should get that beautiful smile looking pearly white!

If you’ve ever thought about whitening your teeth, you’re not alone.

Did you know that teeth whitening is the #1 requested cosmetic service and it’s popularity isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Here are the top reasons people are getting their smiles looking bright white:


  1. To remove stains caused by your daily cup of coffee or soda. Berries, wine, juice, and other foods can also cause teeth to become stained and look dull
  2. Teeth age just like we do. As your teeth get older, they get more yellow and make them look unhealthy
  3. Do you have a special event like an anniversary, wedding, or presentation coming up? If you’re going to be in the spotlight, teeth whitening is a great idea!
  4. Your smile says so much about who you are. But if you have stained or yellowed teeth, you may feel too self-conscious to express yourself to the world.
  5. A whiter smile shifts the focus on your face. Once your teeth are visible, people will naturally zero in on your smile. This will lessen the appearance of any surrounding wrinkles like frown lines.  Even if this concern isn’t top of mind for you, it’s an added bonus.

One of the biggest misconceptions about teeth whitening is that it damages tooth enamel and increases sensitivity to hot and cold foods.  That’s really not the case.  The stains on your teeth are there because of foods you’ve eaten.  Teeth whitening is simply reversing the effects of the stains. It’s a surface-level, cosmetic improvement and nothing more!

Hello, beautiful white smile!

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