Cavity Fillings: What to expect!

Why do you need a filling ?

If food particles and plaque remain in contact with teeth for extended periods of time due to improper brushing or the nature of food like sticky or sweet, then a collection of bacteria accumulate causing toxins and acid release which dissolve the enamel.This enamel or the top layer of the tooth begins to discolor gradually depending on how much it has dissolved or weakened from light yellow- dark yellow – light brown -dark brown-grey and finally jet black. If not treated at this stage that portion of the tooth will chip away and become what we call a cavity .

A filling procedure allows you to eat immediately with no precautions. Your tooth is as good as new and you pretty much can’t make out where the filing was done. You may feel symptoms ranging from mild to moderate sensitivity which should all settle within 48 hours. Bite adjustment may be needed if the filling is slightly over or under the level of your bite.

Filling lasts anywhere from 3-7 years on average but needs annual regular checkups. Always look out for any discolouration, darkening, chipping under the filling this shows a breakdown or wear and indicates the need for replacement

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