Do All of My Baby Teeth Have to Fall Out Before I Get Braces?

Do All of My Baby Teeth Have to Fall Out Before I Get Braces?

Feb 01, 2023

Having bright, healthy, and well-aligned teeth makes you feel confident and proud of your smile. Unfortunately, not everyone has a perfect smile for various reasons. Dental imperfections like misalignments can make you feel and look less attractive and embarrassed to show your smile.

Orthodontic treatments like braces give you a solution to align your smile and improve your bite and appearance. Dental experts recommend getting orthodontic treatments as soon as possible. However, there are many myths or misinformation about the right time to get braces.

Dental experts say it’s never too late to get braces for misaligned teeth. However, the earlier, the better. Generally, permanent teeth are harder to move. Therefore, if you’re a parent looking to get braces for your kid, they should begin their treatment as soon as possible, even while they still have their baby teeth.

Importance of Orthodontic Treatments

The primary purpose of orthodontic treatments like braces is to ensure that you or your child has a well-aligned bite for both the lower and upper teeth. Aligning your child’s teeth improves their smile, bite function, and pronunciation.

It also makes oral hygiene easier, significantly reducing their risk of plaque attacks and oral issues like tooth decay and gum disease. In cases where teeth misalignments cause other problems like pain, swelling, and teeth grinding, aligning teeth with braces can help prevent these issues.

Can my Child Get Braces with Their Baby Teeth?

Generally, children can get braces even with their baby teeth. However, not always. Sometimes they can wait until their adult molars come in.

In most cases, orthodontic problems are better treated early when baby teeth are present. Early treatment guides the correct alignment of the lower and upper jaw, preventing future issues like overcrowding or malocclusions.

At What Age Should Children See an Orthodontist?

It’s a misconception that your child must have all their permanent teeth to wear braces. The American Association of Orthodontists advises that children can have their first orthodontic consultation at age seven. At this age, the orthodontist will monitor and correct any orthodontic issues early on before they become more severe.

For instance, teeth misalignments like overcrowding can trap food debris between teeth and make brushing and flossing harder, increasing your child’s risks of developing oral problems like decay and gum infections.

If you suspect your child has an orthodontic problem, schedule a consultation with our dentist in 43016. The dentist will examine their bite and develop a customized plan that suits their needs. Whether they need braces or other treatments, we will ensure your child has a perfect bite and smile.

Early signs that your child needs braces include teeth abnormalities, speech problems, mouth breathing, and difficulty chewing. Orthodontic problems treated with braces at an early age include crossbites, overbites, and crowding.

To determine whether a child should wear braces, a dentist or orthodontist will examine the alignment of both jaws. If one jaw develops faster than the other, the dentist might recommend braces as soon as possible to correct the alignment before the adult teeth set in. When both jaws are aligned, there’s a lesser risk of misalignments or overcrowding in the future.

What if my Child’s Baby Teeth Fall Out During Treatment?

There’s no need to worry if a baby’s tooth falls out during treatment. Since brackets aren’t used on baby teeth when installing braces, they can fall out naturally without causing problems.

Final Verdict

As we’ve seen, some orthodontic problems can be corrected with braces, even with the baby teeth still present. In some cases, the child can wait until their permanent teeth develop.

To be sure what your child needs, it’s best to visit our dental office near you for a consultation. The dentist will examine your child’s mouth and guide you to ensure they have the smoothest orthodontic journey possible.

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