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Open for Essential and Emergency Care


Cases that can be treated with FastBraces™

High canines are common problem when there is insufficient room in the arch for them to erupt into their correct positions. High canines can cause discomfort in the gums due to inflammation around the improperly erupted teeth.


Spacing between teeth can occur when there is a tooth/jaw size discrepancy. Extractions (pulled teeth) can also cause their adjacent teeth to shift due to the additional space created by the missing teeth. Gaps between teeth can lead to gum issues, deeper pockets beside teeth, and possible increased risk of gingivitis.


Crowding occurs when there is simply not enough room in the mouth for all of teeth to erupt (come in) properly. If left untreated, crowding can worsen over time and result in severely overlapped teeth. This may increase risk of plaque accumulation, decay and periodontal disease.

Fast braces for you teeth are perfect for crowding teeth

An open bite occurs when the front teeth do not make contact with their opposing teeth. This can be caused by habits, improperly erupted teeth or genetically abnormal jaw structure. It can result in speech impairment poor chewing, or even palm and/or temporo-mandibular joint disorder (TMJ).

Fast braces is great for open bite teeth

Crossbite can be the result of both upper and lower teeth and/or jaws being misaligned. One or more of the upper teeth tend to bite inside of the lower teeth, and this can occur on the sides as well as the front of the mouth. Crossbite can lead to wearing down of teeth, bone loss and gum disease.

Crossbite can be fixed with our braces

The proper dental them for “overbite” is actually “overjet”. This occurs when the upper teeth protrude over the lower teeth for an improper occlusion (bite when closed). Some causes include genetics, or underdevelopment of the alveolar bone supporting the teeth. Overjet can be the cause of gum irritation, wear on the lower teeth and/or jaw and joint problems.

Crossbite can be fixed with our braces
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