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Our dentists at daily DENTAL & bracesbar can save most teeth with damage from decay or trauma. After treating them, they can place dental crowns over the teeth to protect them from further damage. Along with protecting the teeth, crowns will also restore the function of the teeth.

When do Dentists Use Crowns?

It is common for our dentists to place crowns over teeth after root canals or repairing those that have broken during a car accident or some other trauma. The crown protects the tooth so that it won’t break while eating or talking.

Dental crowns also restore a tooth’s function after treatment. The teeth responsible for the majority of ripping and tearing, then chewing food are the premolars and molars. Many root canals get performed on these teeth, so when our dentists crown them, our patients are able to chew food with them again.

Ordering the Crown

Before doing the root canal, our dentists at daily DENTAL & bracesbar will scan your teeth to get an impression of them. This scan will go to the dental laboratory, which makes the crown. Our dentist working on your tooth can help you decide which material to use for your crown.

If one of your molars is getting a root canal, then you need a sturdy material for the crown, such as a metal. You can order gold, Zirconia, or porcelain fused to metal crowns since they are durable materials. If one of your teeth between the front and back is getting the root canal, then the porcelain or ceramic crown is suitable for it.

Shaping the Teeth

Before the crown arrives, the natural tooth needs shaping, so the crown fits over it. Sometimes that means trimming the tooth so that it’s in a pyramid shape. Then, when you come in after the crown arrives from the lab, all our dentists at daily DENTAL & bracesbar needs to do is fit the crown and bond it to your natural tooth.

A crown is a permanent replacement that can last up to 20 years, depending on the crown material and by taking good care of it. Contact our offices if you have a tooth that needs saving with a dental crown.

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