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Interested in improving the way your teeth look? Veneers are one of our best and most useful procedures for cosmetic dentistry. At daily DENTAL & bracesbar, we provide dozens of patients with veneers each year. Our team has the knowledge and expertise to work with veneers and other cosmetic procedures.

Patients might also be interested in procedures like teeth whitening and dental bonding. Cosmetic procedures are elective ones. There’s usually no risk associated with choosing not to perform a cosmetic procedure. Their goal is to create brighter smiles, but they don’t contribute to healthier teeth.

Getting Veneers

At daily DENTAL & bracesbar, we tell patients that they can get veneers on as many teeth as they want. Most patients choose to get veneers for their front teeth. This is because they’re the ones that show when we smile. You can still get them over all of your teeth, though. They’re great at covering stained, crooked, and damaged teeth. If a tooth is infected or needs to be medically treated, we’ll do that before placing the veneer.

Veneers are permanent. They’re not like mouth guards that you can take off whenever you want. We’ll modify the surface of the tooth by removing about 0.5mm of it before placing the veneer. If you decide that you want to remove your veneers at a later time, you’ll need to visit our office.

After placing veneers, we’ll ask you to bite and make sure they’re not bothering you. You’ll get used to the way they feel in a few hours or days.

Precautions with Veneers

Veneers aren’t as strong as natural teeth. They won’t resist the effects of biting or chewing on hard foods. Patients with veneers should avoid biting their fingernails too. If a veneer breaks, it’ll have to be removed.

Patients should continue to brush their teeth after getting veneers. Your natural teeth are still there and could suffer from cavities and decay if not taken care of. Additionally, veneers can become stained. When they’re stained, the only thing to do is to remove them because they’re resistant to whitening chemicals. We strongly encourage patients to continue taking good care of their dental hygiene.

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