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Orthodontic problems can affect anyone. Fortunately, there are effective interventions that can help you to overcome orthodontic issues. Whether you have an underbite or overbite, our dentist can transform yours into a perfect smile.

Orthodontics focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of jaw and teeth misalignment or malposition. At daily DENTAL & bracesbar, we offer excellent orthodontic treatment to patients of all ages and backgrounds. Our dental office is intentionally designed to help patients feel comfortable during treatments, and we go above and beyond to help you relax, regardless of your required procedure.

Common Orthodontic Problems

We treat a wide variety of orthodontic problems, including:

  • Underbite. An underbite is a type of malocclusion when the lower jaw protrudes in front of the upper jaw, thus causing the lower teeth to sit in front instead of directly under the upper teeth.
  • Overbite. An overbite is the exact opposite of an underbite. In this case, it’s the upper teeth that protrude in front of the bottom teeth.
  • Crossbite. In a crossbite, the upper or lower teeth are closer to the tongue or the cheek than to their corresponding, antagonist teeth.
  • Gaps in your teeth.
  • Open bite. If you have an open bite, your upper and lower teeth don’t meet or touch when you’ve shut your mouth. Instead, space is left between the upper and lower dental arches.
  • Misaligned dental midlines. A misaligned dental midline is where the centerline of your upper teeth doesn’t align correctly with the centerline of the bottom teeth.
  • Crowding. Dental overcrowding may be a result of many reasons, including genetic predisposition, jaw underdevelopment, etc.

What to Expect

During your visit, our dentist will assess you to determine your particular dental problem. As well as visual observation, dental x-rays are an essential component of orthodontics.

Conventional metal braces are the most popular orthodontic treatment. Braces correct a wide range of orthodontic issues, ranging from mild to severe. In cases where you don’t require metal braces, our dentist near you may recommend clear aligners such as Invisalign®️.

If you’re struggling with any orthodontic challenges, contact daily DENTAL & bracesbar today. Orthodontic problems are not only bad for your aesthetics but can also compromise your oral health, especially if you’re struggling to brush or clean some sections. Our dentist near you will get you the treatment you need to get the smile you’ve always dreamed of.

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