KOR Whitening

KOR Whitening in Gahanna, Grove City & Dublin, OH

People seeking to brighten their stained or discolored teeth can consider cosmetic dentistry in Gahanna, Grove City & Dublin, OH. If you want a whitening technique that can quickly give you up to 16 lighter shades, you can go for KOR whitening near you. KOR whitening treatment also works for stubborn stains.

How KOR Works

KOR whitening system works by restoring the teeth’s oxygen absorption ability. Oxygen released by the whitening gel can be absorbed deeper into a tooth, dissolving and removing stains molecules. Most patients don’t encounter discomfort while undertaking KOR whitening treatment. You can also continue to bleach your teeth at home with KOR periodically having custom trays, keeping your smile looking revamped always.

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FAQs - KOR Whitening

What is KOR Whitening?

KOR is a professional whitening system with an innovation featuring Dual-Activated, Tri-Barrel Hydremide Peroxide formulation and a delivery system to produce long-lasting teeth-whitening results.

How does KOR Whitening Differ from Other Teeth Whitening Methods?

KOR Professional Teeth whitening in Gahanna, Grove City & Dublin, OH, differs from other whitening techniques because it can produce up to 16 lighter shades on teeth. It gives up to 10 hours of bleaching action, while other gels are only active for 25 to 35 minutes. Additionally, it does not need LED lights or laser lights. The KOR whitening gel is kept refrigerated, thus preserving its potency and effectiveness.

How Often Should I get KOR Whitening?

After treatment and with the home maintenance KOR kit, the results can endure for six months to almost three years. That is when you can get another KOR in-office whitening treatment.

What is the Process for KOR Whitening?

A cosmetic dentist begins the KOR process by obtaining impressions of teeth. These digital molds help get models for creating personalized, ultra-comfortable trays. You sleep with the KOR whitening trays in your mouth for two weeks. After that, you come for an in-office whitening. This chairside whitening lasts an hour or two to complete.

Is KOR Whitening Suitable for Everyone?

To receive KOR whitening, your teeth should be healthy without restorations or fillings. Your gum tissue should also be healthy.

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