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A shiny grin full of healthy, natural teeth is a beautiful thing. That is what we strive for with each patient at daily DENTAL & bracesbar. We want everyone to keep their natural smile for life. However, as desirable as that may be, there are times when tooth extraction is the safest solution. Maintaining health overall is always the goal.

There are many reasons why your dentist might recommend tooth removal. Fortunately, modern dentistry has made the extraction process as fast and comfortable as possible.

A Few Reasons for Tooth Removal

Some people are born with extra teeth, or small mouths with too many teeth for the limited space. In either situation, extraction can help create room to avoid crowding or other problems. This is often the case with orthodontic patients where teeth need space to move. For children with stubborn baby teeth, extraction may be required to allow the adult teeth to grow in properly. One of the most common reasons for tooth removal is because wisdom teeth are impacted or lack sufficient space to erupt.

Also, if a tooth is loosened, severely decayed or damaged beyond repair, it must be extracted to protect the surrounding teeth. There are times when root canal therapy can save a diseased or injured tooth, but not always. This is especially true when the patient fails to seek treatment promptly.

Oral Hygiene and Extraction

Since gum disease is often the reason why a tooth must be extracted, having good oral hygiene habits is crucial. Left unremoved, plaque hardens and becomes tartar. Once it reaches this state, it is impossible to remove with brushing and flossing. Also known as calculus, this substance is full of harmful bacteria. It accumulates on teeth where it causes decay and cavities. It also builds up below the gum line where it can lead to periodontal disease. In the worst stages, these problems can cost you your teeth and underlying bone.

Types of Extractions Near You

At daily DENTAL & bracesbar, we perform both simple and surgical tooth extractions. Your dentist can do a simple tooth removal. This starts with a local anesthetic to numb the treatment area. Then, special tools are used to loosen the tooth and gently lift it out of the socket. If the tooth has broken at the gum line or is impacted, an oral surgeon will handle the removal. During either procedure, you may experience some pressure, but no pain.

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