Top Reasons People Choose Veneers

What is a Veneer and why do people get them?

A Dental veneer is a thin covering for the outer portion of your teeth.

Some of the most common reasons that individuals choose veneers is to close gaps and spaces between the teeth, fix alignment issues, change the overall shape and appearance of a tooth, whiten a smile by covering stained or discolored teeth, and cover chipped or cracked teeth.

Did you know? Dental veneers are extremely durable. They last several years longer than traditional composite fillings. You’ll have peace of mind when you choose veneers, knowing that you’ll have your new smile for many years. On average, dental veneers last about ten to 15 years.

Here are the reasons to get those beauties NOW:

  • Increased confidence that comes from having a more symmetrical smile.
  • Specifically molded for your teeth for a perfect fit.
  • Nearly impossible to tell the difference between the veneer and a natural tooth.
  • No special maintenance is required – just typical brushing and flossing!
  • Having a bright, white smile that resists staining (you pick the shade that’s right for you).

Think you’re a candidate for veneers? Now you can get the smile you want.

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