Why Baby Teeth Play a Vital Role in Your Child’s Dental Health

Why Baby Teeth Play a Vital Role in Your Child’s Dental Health

Mar 01, 2021

Parenting involves various memorable milestones, and your child’s smile transitions from toothless gums to permanent teeth. It’s crucial to visit the pediatric dentistry near you for an ideal oral hygiene regimen. It’s vital to preserve baby teeth before they fall off to enhance your child’s dental structure’s proper growth and development. Primary teeth are essential in your kid’s overall health. It would be best to make periodic appointments to your children’s dentistry to prevent the formation of dental cavities at a tender age.

What’s the Role of Baby Teeth?

Your child’s jaw is small and can’t accommodate adult teething, and baby teeth are compatible in an infant’s mouth. Once your children transition from gummy grins to toothy smiles, they hit a significant milestone. Baby teeth are vital in the development of permanent teeth. The set of 20 primary teeth concealed beneath the gum line hold space for the growth of permanent teeth. An initial primary tooth erupts from the gum line after six months, and by the age of three, the whole set of 20 emerges. Primary teeth aid in the following functions:

  • They hold space in your kid’s jawbone, where permanent teeth grow beneath the gum line.
  • Your child can chew healthily, smile, and speak. Baby teeth enhance a healthy bite by developing a healthy and aligned adult bite. A lost baby tooth can lead to crowded teeth and oral malocclusion issues.
  • Strengthening your child’s jaw muscles and face

How Do Primary Teeth Affect the Growth of Permanent Teeth?

Primary teeth are useful in enhancing the progressive development of the dental structure. Your child is capable of eating solid foods and makes proper pronunciation of words. Maintaining baby teeth enable your kid to grow without oral health issues. Baby teeth directly impact the growth of your child’s permanent teeth, and each tooth holds space for an adult tooth. If your child is faced with a traumatic injury that dislodges or knocks-out a baby tooth, the preserved room for the growth of a permanent tooth is adversely affected.

Severe decay and a missing tooth can lead to the shifting of teeth and delay developing a permanent tooth. Underlying oral health issues may lead to permanent oral health issues. Visiting the pediatric dentistry near you enables you to prevent child cavities and other oral health problems that may jeopardize adult teething.

When is the Ideal Time to Take Your Child to a Dentist?

Your child’s dentist may recommend you to take your child to the nearest pediatric dentistry after the first baby tooth develops above the gum line. During the appointment, your pediatric dentist may:

  • Examine your child’s teeth for cavities and underlying issues
  • Illustrate how to maintain good oral hygiene for your child’s oral tissues
  • Recommend you on how to handle habits that may impact your child’s teething, like thumb sucking

Various teething signs may occur within the first six months. Some of the signs that may indicate tooth eruption include:

  • Tender or swollen gums
  • Drooling more than usual
  • Irritation of gum tissues

How to Preserve Baby Teeth

Your child’s pediatric dentist at daily DENTAL & bracesbar may recommend you follow various tips in maintaining baby teeth’ health. Some include:

  • Limit your child from the intake of sugary diet that may lead to the development of cavities
  • Take your child to the dentistry for a fluoride treatment and placement of dental sealants to protect baby teeth from decay. Fluoride treatment strengthens the enamel and reverses the action of dental erosion.
  • Regulate thumb sucking behavior that may expose your kid to severe oral issues
  • Provide your child with recommended toothpaste and mouth rinses to clean oral tissues.
  • For your infant child, use a wet cloth to wipe their gum tissues.
  • Make regular dental appointments with your child’s pediatric dentist for dental exams and cleaning.

Dental cavities and oral infections can be daunting on your child’s primary teeth. It’s essential to take care of your kid’s teeth and ensure they learn how to floss and brush their teeth at a tender age. Your child’s pediatric dentist can aid in addressing issues that may affect primary teeth. Please consult your dentist on the ideal practices in taking care of your child’s baby teeth today!

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