Why You Should Choose Dental Veneers: The Many Benefits

Why You Should Choose Dental Veneers: The Many Benefits

Apr 01, 2021

Dental veneers or “dental laminates” are films placed on the surface of your teeth, right on the outermost layer of the enamel. They are bonded to your ivories as a restorative measure against tooth discoloration or staining and minor chips and cracks.

What Are Their Benefits?

1. Immediate Whitening Results

Professional teeth whitening is frequently the preferred method for restoring your pearly whites’ bright color. But if you are in search of a treatment that will bring you immediate results the moment you step out of the dental clinic, veneers are a great alternative. Veneers are also suitable for teeth that are too heavily stained for bleaching.

Since they will be overlaid over your teeth’s enamel, you will instantly notice the change in your teeth’s shade after the procedure.

2. Natural Appearance

The materials utilized to create veneers are generally either composite resin or porcelain. Both can be fashioned so that their shade matches that of your real teeth. If you want them to be a few more shades brighter, the dental technician can help you there as well.

This variable is ideal, especially if you want a whiter smile that doesn’t appear too white and unnatural.

3. Minimally Invasive

Patients are sometimes anxious about visiting cosmetic dentistry clinics because they fear that they may experience pain during dental procedures.

The enamel of your target teeth may have to be lightly shaved down, but merely to allow a little space for the thin laminate that will be bonded to them. This light shaving is non-invasive, which means that you won’t experience any pain.

If your dentist’s diagnosis shows that your teeth have incurred decay and cavities and dental fillings are required, you may experience some slight pressure and discomfort during the filling procedure. However, you should not feel any pain. This is limited to teeth with deep and/or widespread caries and will be deemed a pre-treatment before that of the veneer operation.

4. Your Choice of The Number of Teeth To “Laminate”

Another advantage to these dental films is that it is up to you to choose how many teeth you want them on (or per your dentist’s recommendation). You are not required to have veneers on all of your teeth.

5. Restores the Enamel

A veneer does not cause the enamel to grow back in the sense of the word “restore.” Once your tooth’s enamel deteriorates, the only solution is to opt for reparative measures through dental works. And among them are dental laminates.

Leaving damaged enamel untreated will only permit them to regress even more. Having said that, since a veneer operation involves a light shaving of the enamel and “re-covering” it with the laminate, your teeth’s outer layer can be made stronger.

6. Long-Lasting

Whether porcelain or composite resin, these veneer materials are known for their durability. This speaks of how they can withstand biting and chewing pressure over a long period. According to studies, your veneers can last for up to 15 years, granted that you follow proper protocol in maintaining them.

7. Lower Risk of Decaying

The materials veneers are made from are not vulnerable to elements that cause tooth deterioration like bacteria and plaque. However, you must continue to still adhere to practicing good oral hygiene every day. Remember that veneers cover the surface of your teeth, which implies that the rest of your natural ivories continue to be prone to tooth decay. Nevertheless, veneers themselves cannot be weakened by decay.

8. Quickly Fixes Minor Tooth Damage

Aside from discoloration and staining, a dental veneer is often used to fix minor tooth damages. Small chips, cracks, and misshapen teeth can be easily corrected with these tooth-shells. A patient’s tooth damage will have to be examined first to check whether they qualify for veneers. And if they do, the procedure can be commenced as soon as possible.

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